Data Concerning NBA Picks 2012




Despite the lockout that occurred earlier this season on July 1, the game's opening night started smoothly on November 1. The lockout was believed to cause by different team owners trying to make a profit by decreasing the revenue which was solely devoted for the players and their salaries from 57% up to 54%. The lockout affected the first two weeks of the NBA season. Despite the lockout, the season begun fine on November 1 with games from Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, as well as LA Lakers and Oklahoma Thunder in Staples Center. Even with the disparity between labor unions news regarding a schedule of NBA picks was released. The regular season will start on December 25 with the possible season ender on April 26, 2012. The playoffs will start game playoffs will most likely begin on April 28, 2012 and end on June 26, 2012. This schedule, if fortunate, will certainly get pushed through. Many fans are anticipating great news to see their favorite players and team play.




But even though the lockout happened, many sports enthusiast were counting the odds and look for NBA picks for this season. On the previous season, Miami Heat headed by LeBron didn't get the NBA title, but there are rumors spreading about how he may lead his team into victory. Amongst the most favored NBA picks which gains a 5 to 2 odds is Miami Heat. This is the first time for LA Lakers not to gain the top spot for having the future odds of winning the title for this season. The reason for this is that the big three favorites of Miami Heat are well coordinated and well bonded for this season that the adjustment period for them was long gone. These three favorite players of Miami Heat will really dominate the court. The question is: can they live up to the expectations of their fans and lead the team to victory?




LA Lakers gains the second spot with the future odds of winning for this season at 11-2. Even with Mike Brown as their new head coach and as usual the front man Kobe Bryant, they've still lots of things to prove for their fans and NBA enthusiasts.




Chicago Bulls came in as the third top favorite with a 6/1 odds. The team has an excellent professional record in NBA, however didn't make it to the finals the previous season due to 4 losses against Miami Heat.






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